What We Strive

InfoBahn was founded in 2014 by Ibrahim Rumani with a belief that the biggest problems in the world are resolvable with the simplest of solutions.

Today, a 10-year-old has a device in his hand whose potential cannot be comprehended by even a 30-year-old. For over a decade now, we are solving problems that do not even exist.

As the gap between the technology-savvy who use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning  and other advancements and those who are still new to the digital space, widens, we at InfoBahn aim at bridging that gap. 


Our Belief

Communities Build Solutions.

There is nothing more successful than a problem being solved by a community. We strongly believe in the power of community. Since our inception we’ve always focused on community driven solutions. 

We want to be the game-changers who want to move forward but also leave a car behind. We want to head towards growth while also ensuring that everyone is with us and no one is left behind.