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Refund Policy

We wish to encourage you to try our wide range of services and we are most certain you would love them but just incase you don’t we are happy to offer you a refund in-compliance with the terms below.

General Terms

(A) “Date of the transaction,” for the purpose of this Refund Policy, means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date any renewal is processed by InfoBahn in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement (Terms of Service  & Support Policy). You may cancel a product at any time, but a refund will only be issued if cancellation is requested within the refund timeframe specified for the applicable product, if available at all. Note: Some products have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance. Please see below for refund terms applicable to such products.

  • In no event is the same Service eligible for more than one refund.
  • A refund must be requested within 10 days from the date of transaction.
  • Service(s) must be cancelled before we can issue a refund.
  • No refund will be made if your Service(s) are suspended or terminated for cause and/or abuse.
  • If purchased Service(s) include free domain name registration as part of a promotion or sale of the Service(s), and you cancel the purchased Service(s), the standard price for the domain name will be deducted from the refund amount. If the refund amount is less than the standard price for the domain, you must either elect to pay the difference or forfeit the domain, in which case, ownership of the domain will revert back to InfoBahn.
  • Refunds will be credited to your InfoBahn account as an account credit unless you request otherwise which can be used for future purchases. Purchases made using InfoBahn account credit can only be refunded as account credit. Purchases made by credit card/debit card / netbanking or PayPal may be refundable to the source of payment or bank account. InfoBahn is not responsible for any additional charges imposed by your credit card company or PayPal in the case of refund.
  • A processing fee of 5% of the refund amount will be deducted if a refund is requested to be credited to a bank account. No amount will be deducted on refunds to InfoBahn account.
  • A refund to bank account must be requested at the time of the refund request. Once the amount is credited to your InfoBahn account the same cannot be withdrawn or credited to your card/bank account.
  • Additional refund requirements may apply based on specific terms and conditions notified to you when purchasing any Service(s).
  • As the primary purpose of refunds is to enable users to try our service hence only new clients are eligible for refunds
  • Existing clients with no active services in the similar category may raise refund requests.

(B) Refunds are applicable on the specified web hosting products for the specified billing cycles

  • SSL Shared – Starter (Annually)
  • SSL Shared – Advance(Annually, Semi-Annually)
  • SSL Shared – Professional(Annually, Semi-Annually)
  • WordPress Hosting – wp-Start (Annually)
  • WordPress Hosting – wp-Grow (Annually, Semi Annually)
  • WordPress Hosting – wp-Scale (Annually, Semi Annually, Quarterly)
  • WordPress Hosting – wp-Summit (Annually, Semi Annually, Quarterly)
  • Refunds can be made on Premium Support only if the number of utilised responses are less than 50 with annual billing or less than 20 with monthly billing

(C) Refunds are not applicable on any other product or service other than what is mentioned above however we would like to highlight the following

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Renewal
  • Domain Transfer
  • Redemption/Restoration Fee
  • Code Guard (except when included in your hosting package not as a paid addon)
  • Weebly Website Builder (except when included in your hosting package not as a paid addon)
  • Dedicated IP
  • Anyother product Product Add-ons
  • Custom Tasks Hour Blocks
  • SSL Shared Hosting & WordPress Hosting Renewals
  • Shared & WordPress Hosting billing cycles not specified above
  • Any product or service you might have upgraded from a free trial
  • Product or service upgrades