Store Features

Use your own Domain

Purchase a domain from InfoBahn or use your own domain name. Our team will guide you to connect your domain to our system.

Shopping Cart

Have a ready to use secure shopping cart, where customers can add or remove products, change quantities, and apply coupon codes conveniently.

Mobile Shopping

Enable your customers to shop from anywhere. Your website is created with Device Adaptive Technology. The site will adapt to a mobile device for a stunning mobile shopping experience.

Product Search

Let customers search for products they are looking for, on your store easily, making it more user-friendly.

Product Filters

Create as many filters as you want, allowing your customers to find exactly what they need, offering them convenience.


Let customers add items to their wishlist and share them with their friends with a simple link to your store.

Customer Account

Allow customers to see their order history, manage shipping & billing address, and raise return requests right from their account

Multiple Shipping Address (Coming Soon)

Let your customers add multiple shipping addresses for their various purposes—Home, Work, Hotel or more.

Product Returns

Allow your customers to raise return requests from the account with convenience, making your website more user-friendly.

Login with SMS-OTP on checkout

65% of returning customers don’t remember passwords. Let returning customers login with SMS-OTP and increase your checkout rates (Requires an SMS Pack)

Distraction-Free Checkout Mode (Beta)

Increase your checkout rate by offering your customers a distraction-free checkout experience that makes shopping with you a seamless process.

Product Variation

Create different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colours, and more, each with its own price, SKU, weight, and inventory.(Ex: 1 tshirt is 2 colours and 3 size or an iPhone 64GB or 256gb or a 1 kg or half kg cake.)

Multiple Images

Add multiple images for each products and their variations, highlighting them from all angles.

Product Categories

Organise your products into multiple categories in accord with the consumers’ requirements, increasing the chances of conversions.

Pre-configured GST slabs (India)

Tax slabs for Indian stores are pre-configured at Infobahn E-Commerce. So, when you add your product, the only next step for you is to select the right slab—5%, 12%, 18% or 28%.

Product-Wise SEO

Optimise your listing pages for search engines with strategically written SEO title, meta description & focus search phrase.

Automatic Image Compression*

As a way of making your work all the more smoother, when you upload a product image, it is automatically compressed without compromising on its quality.

Payment Processing

To process payments online, you need a payment gateway. A payment gateway company charges you a small percentage of the transaction value.

Razorpay Transaction Charges

We have partnered with Razorpay, to offer our clients a lower pricing than their standard pricing.

InstrumentTransaction RatesStandard Rates
UPI & Debit Card <₹20001%2%
UPI & Debit Card >=₹20001.25%
Credit Card, Net Banking & Wallets2%
International Cards3%

**GST on Transaction charges as applicable

When do you receive the collected payment in your account?

Payments will be settled in your bank account in T + 2 Days, where T is the date of transaction.

Payment Options for your customers

Your customers can pay with

  • Visa, Master or RuPay debit cards
  • Visa, Master, Maestro or Rupay credit cards
  • UPI or UPI apps, such as GPay, PhonePe, BHIM or any bank UPI apps
  • Wallets
  • Net Banking
  • Internation Cards such as American Express, Diners Club, et cetera
How does it work?

Example: Let's say a customer pays ₹1000 with a debit card.

Transacted Value₹1000
Transaction Charges @1%₹10
GST on Transaction Charges @18%₹1.8
Amount you receive after deductions₹988.2
Other Payments Gateways we integrate with
  • CCAvenue (INR)
  • Paypal (Multi Currency except INR)
  • Stripe (Multi Currency except INR)
  • PayU (INR)

*Every Payment Gateway company has a different payment settlement schedule.

Shipping Partners

*Starts @ Rs. 29/500gms with Shiprocket (Third Party Service)

Multiple Shipping partners

Your website can directly affiliate with any shipping partner and via Shiprocket, they can integrate more numbers of shipping partners

Offer Free Shipping

Charge a fee or offer free shipping to your customers when they purchase over a certain order value, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Manage Shipping Rates

Set up your own pricing tiers based on product type and location or simply charge extra for faster delivery.

Manage International Shipping

Go global with InfoBahn; some of our shipping partners can help you ship internationally and our system will easily let you charge them accordingly.

HyperLocal Delivery by WeFast

Deliver anything with HyperLocal, be it Food, Groceries, T-Shirts or a Mobile phone, with a Kilometer based pricing by WeFast.

Infobahn Assistance

Choosing a shipping partner could be tricky and the functioning could be difficult to understand. This is where we come into play to help you every step of the way.

Mobile App (Store Owner)

Manage your store on the go! You can manage your stock, change order status see sales reports, all this right on your mobile device. Only for (iOS & Android)

Product Management

A complete product management suite built right in your dashboard. (Available on Mobile App)

Order Management

Manage orders, change order status, fulfil your orders and more (Available on Mobile App)

Inventory Management

A complete inbuilt inventory management solution. Add products, get low stock notifications, and more

Coupon Management

Run your own marketing campaigns, create coupons with all the rules you want

Reports & Analytics

Track Sales, Monitor your traffic

Shipping Management

With over 20 options ship with a partner that suits you the best

Wishlist Management

Let customers create and share wishlists. You can also see their wishlist know what is stopping your customers from making their purchase beforehand.

Staff Management

With a Multi Level staff management system, give your staff members only the amount of access they need

Email Notifications

You and your customers are notified automatically when a new order is placed or the status of an order changes

SMS Notifications*

Notify your customers automatically via SMS when they place an order or when the status of an order changes. (Requires purchase of an SMS Pack)

Traffic Reports
Track visitors, understand what time of the day or week your site is the busiest, and analyse traffic from all locations and sources.
Sales reports
Access a full-fledged sales report that leads your understanding of how well the website is working. By analysing the report, you can track your sales and also filter them by day, week or year.
Product Wise Reports
Find out which of your products are gaining more popularity and performing better than the rest. By tracking your best-performing products, you can modify your inventory and other business components to bring better profit.
Google Traffic Analysis
Understand consumer behaviour by tracking and analysing organic traffic coming to your website via google Google. Know what your customers are searching for and when do their Google search results show your website.
Google Analytics Integration
Using this feature, you can not only monitor Google ads but also track and understand user activity, number of conversions and more. Find out what is working for your business and what’s not.
Download Reports
Aid in-depth and further analysis of your reports on website and consumer behaviour with this feature. Download any reports easily in excel or google sheets for better insight.

A complete blogging platform; it allows you to publish articles, create lookbooks, encourage engagement, and moderate comments on your blog.

Automated XML Sitemap

Your website automatically generates XML sitemaps and regularly sends it to search engines for higher traction to the right pages.

Automatic Google Product Feed

Your products are automatically sent to Google Product Feed, provided you have a Google Merchant Account.

Automated Google Ads

Have your Google Ads operate without regular manual interference. Just add funds to your Google Ad Account and let the system take care of the rest.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Boost traction and campaign performance by tracking and retargeting your customers on Facebook & Instagram using Facebook Pixel.

Set Products On Sale

Set each product on sale with ease and convenience by pre-setting start and end dates for sales.

Coupons Management

Create & manage coupons by setting up your rules and usage limits per coupon; Offer % discounts or flat cart discounts as you prefer.

Product Wise SEO

Boost the visibility of each of your displayed products using product-specific SEO attention. Optimise your listing pages for search engines with strategically written SEO title, meta description & focus search phrase.

DIY Videos

Customizing your site is a simple process; you can undertake it yourself with the help of our training videos. This also makes staff training very easy.

Powerful Core Theme (Astra)

Your website comes with a feature-rich easy to use powerful theme, Astra. You can change colours, fonts, layouts and more using the theme.

Pre-made Ready To Use Layouts

Import a layout from multiple options on your front page, change the images and text, and your page will be ready in no time.

Elementor & Gutenberg

Customise your site down to the last pixel with the most powerful drag and drop page builder, Elementor. Users can also opt for Divi & Site Origin Page Builder.

Thousands of Third-Party Themes

Use a theme of your choice for your store by choosing from the 1000’s of themes available on,, or


Although not required for you to engage in this in most cases, you still have full access to edit HTML & CSS.

PHP Snippets

While you may not be allowed to run PHP code, you may have the liberty to add some well known, risk-free PHP snippets after a thorough review from our team.

We Host, We Manage

All plans include hosting. We manage hosting an all related tasks for you.

Hosted On SSD Powered Servers

While traditional hard disks transfer data at a speed of 300 mbps, Solid State Drives transfer data at 4-6 gbps. Your website is hosted that servers that strictly use SSD drives

Hosted On Litespeed Enterprise Environment

One of the most powerful server software technologies. Litespeed

10x Faster Page Loads with LS Cache

On a LiteSpeed Enterprise Server with the LS Caching Engine, your website can handle more tasks and 10x more traffic than most web servers.

Automatic Image Compression

When you upload images to the media library they are automatically compressed without quality loss. This is a Third-Party service by TinyPNG which offers 500 free compressions per month.

Jetpack images CDN

Your images are delivered through the most powerful network of computers making your pages load faster than ever.

We Manage Security

Traversing the security aspect of your website can get tricky. At InfoBahn, we undertake that responsibility on the basis of transparency and commitment.

PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Payments

Make your customers’s payment safer for them in the most secure environment. Our supported payment partners are PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant, which eliminates the need to gather customer card information.

Daily Backups (Time Machine)

Your website is backed up daily, and these backups are stored in the system for 30 days. In the event of an internet mishap, these backups help you track your data and retrieve it in no time.

SSL Security

Safety remains to be our top priority. Your site is secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, thereby, keeping your customers’ information exchange secure and encrypted.

Multilevel Malware Scan

To take our security methods a notch higher, we ensure that your website is scanned for malware on server level and website level. If detected, the process followed is a seamless one too.

Firewall Protection

Attain double the protection for your website that is ten times more powerful. In addition to Network & Server level security, each website is secured with its own website level firewall powered by WordFence.

15 Layers of security

Protected with many layers of security, each website is secured at multiple levels; Network, Server, SSL and Website Level are a few to mix.

2-Factor Authentication For Store Owner

In addition to your email and password authentication, we offer a 2-Factor Authentication, enabling which, you can prevent up to 80% of cyber attacks. With this, you will be asked to enter a security code to log in, which changes every 30 seconds adding an extra layer of security.

Included in the cost

Maintenance cost is included with all plans. Just like a car and it's parts your site software also needs regular maintenance. Maintenance, updates, security, hosting all managed by us, sit back and relax.


This is the most crucial part. However we will manage that for you.

Site Software Updates

Just like your iOS or Android OS updates from time to time your site software needs to be updated too, including extensions and themes. But don’t worry, that's our headache.


While your hosting cost is already included, any issues happening on the hosting end will be handled by us.

Extensions & Theme Installation

Free or premium, all extension and theme installations will be handled by our team.

What is not included?

While we take care of the technical aspects of your store, we don’t manage your store operations such as adding content to your website, product uploading, order management, et cetera. However you can hire an Infobahn Expert to manage these things for you.

Built With

The most powerful power combination available in the market. WordPress powers 40% of the websites on the internet & WooCommerce powers 56% of all e-Commerce websites in India.