What are we looking for?
Good People, Good People, Good People, did we say that enough? Good people.

Design Intern

Location: Mumbai (Hybrid)

All InfoBahn® internships are paid and candidates are considered for full time position after a month or two.

We’re looking for someone who 

  1. Is really patient, like really patient
  2. Has a good design sense
  3. Can design social media posts using Canva Pro
  4. Actively contributes to the discussions
  5. Should strongly believe design can change how people perceive a brand. 

Its okay if you’re not a pro at photoshop a good design sense is what we are looking for. 

Digital Marketer - Full Time (0-2 Years)

Location: Mumbai (Hybrid)

We’re looking for someone who

  1. Is really patient, like really patient
  2. Who can create content to be pusblished across all platforms
  3. Who can think campaigns and not just content
  4. Who is good with writing content copies, blog articles (optional) & emails
  5. Who has a good design sense and not just knows how to use the tools (Canva Pro is the way to go! Photoshop is not necessary)
  6. Who can edit videos (Not a necessity)
  7. Who understands and knows how to run Facebook ads (We don’t mean boost post)
  8. Who understands and knows how to run Google Ads
  9. Who has moderate understanding of SEO
  10. Who knows how to use email marketing tools

You may not necessarily check all boxes below but you should check multiple

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