Custom Tasks

Custom Tasks for WordPress is a service billed on hourly bases where our experts will perform any required tasks from running a security audit, fixing your website, migrating your website from one server to another to creating a new site. This requires an active WordPress Hosting Account.

We have 3-time credit blocks
1 – Hour block billed at $79 $39 (50% Discount)
3 – Hours block billed at $49/Hour (4th Hour can be purchased at $49)
5 – Hours block billed at $39/Hour (6th Hour can be purchased at $39)

Please note
1. Hourly credits must be consumed within 6 months of purchase.
2. A minimum of 15 mins will be billed per task. However, you can combine multiple small tasks.
3. Time logs are maintained on Google Sheets and the same will be shared with you. You can download or make copies of the same.
4. A minimum of 1 hour is billed for new development for Blogs & Basic Business Websites
5. A minimum of 3 hours is billed for e-Commerce websites
6. In case a task is not completed within the block time credits an additional hour can be purchased at the same hourly price as that of the selected block.
7. You can ask our team for an estimated time required to perform a certain task, however, the task will be billed on the actual time required except for new development as mentioned in point no 4 & 5.
8. Premium Plugin files & License Keys must be provided where-ever required
9. Content such as graphics or/and text must be provided
10. Custom tasks are best suited for tasks to on existing websites, a new development for Blogs & E-Commerce Websites, or migration of website et cetera. We advise against using these credits for creative intensive tasks such as brand/business website design which involves more creative inputs than a straight forward theme implementing. Creative intensive tasks are subject to approval by our team.