Add-On Services

Add-on services covers execution of smaller tasks that you might want someone to handle for you.

Annual Tax Rates Updation

In the event when the Government revises tax rates, the same might have to updated on your website. For example the 5% GST becomes 6% in the next financial year. We can handle this task for you.

One Time Charges: ₹500

Product Addition

Products without variations: ₹250 / 5 products

Products with variations: ₹500 / 5 products (max 20 variations per product)

  • Example: 1 product in 5 colours and 3 sizes are 15 variations, where each variation can have its image, stock quantity, SKU and price. If you have more than 20 variations please request a custom pricing for this task.
  • Got more than 20 variations per product? Request a custom pricing.

Please Note

  • Product information / data such as product name, images, descriptions et cetera must be provided by the client after through verification
  • Products will be added in batches of 5 products. So if you just send 4 products to be added, you cannot request addition of the 5th product at a later time.
  • Average delivery time line 48-72 working hours

Service hours for everything else (1 Hour Free)

Service hours is a service where InfoBahn's in-house experts will perform certain tasks on your website as per your request on your behalf and you will be billed as per the time required to execute the task.

Pricing: ₹2000 / hour (1 Hour Free with all packages)

What kind of tasks can be performed?

  • Setting up shipping rules
  • Setting up COD or Payment rules
  • Creating contact forms
  • Information update on certain pages or tweaking some small things
  • Services which are not big enough to hire a developer on a project basis

Please note: The objective of this service is to execute non-creative tasks. For creative tasks such as landing page design or a complete store make over you can hire one of the Recommended by InfoBahn ThirdParty Experts.

How does it work?

  • A minimum of 1 hour must be purchased which will give you a 60 minutes time credit.
  • A minimum of 10 mins will be billed per per instance. Multiple tasks can be performed per instance.
  • Time logs are maintained on Google Sheets and the same will be shared with you. You can download or make copies of the same.
  • You can ask our team for an estimated time required to perform a certain task, however the task will be billed as per the actual time required to complete the task.


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