Technical Specifications

You probably won't have to worry about the technical limits for the first 3-5 years or you may never even approach these limits. When you approach these we will notify you and upgrade you to the next available package. However, there ways to ensure you always remain under these limits.

Website Storage

Firstly let me start by saying we have maintained an e-commerce website with over 2500 products under 3.7 GB (including images). With every year that passes by, you and your customers will add more and more files. These files could be product images or images uploaded by customers depending upon your website features and the add-on extensions you are using or will use. We have already allotted enough storage space per package + a separate storage for backups with a 30 days backup rotation. Your website may never approach these limits, but these are just some limits put in place to prevent exploitation of storage space. So incase your website demands more storage we will notify you and ask you to upgrade to the next available package. 


A MySQL database is similar to an excel file that stores information in a tabular format. In our case information of all products, orders, customers and almost all the text-data, submissions and uploads on your website and more. So let’s say you have an excel sheet in which you want to search for or add something, but the more data you add to the excel sheet the heavier it gets and searching and adding information requires more computer power which if not available might slow down your tasks. Now we wouldn’t want that happening to our website, would we? A similar case applies to your website. Over the years information or data on your website will grow (And we are sure even you want it to grow) demanding more computing power. So in order to maintain the performance and stability of not just your website but all websites on our servers we have set certain limits for each package. When your website will approach this limit we will recommend you to upgrade to the next available package. 


For backups we use CodeGuard time machine for all websites on our network. The backup engine uses a differential backup system, meaning; Our system takes a full backup of your site the first time and then it takes backs up the changes made on day to day basis, saving a lot of space and making backup storage possible for longer. The Ecom Basic & Grow Package are allotted 5 GB of Remote Backup Storage for each site while the Ecom Scale Package is allotted 10 GB of Backup Storage. In this case you approach this limit we will not ask you to upgrade your package rather recommend you to buy additional backup storage at very reasonable fee. Additional backup storage is billed at ₹100 per month per 10 GB 

CPU, Memory, I/O & other resources

Every website on our network is allowed to use a certain amount of computing power as per their respective packages. This ensures that one website does not hogg all of the server resources. We use CloudLinux OS to manage these resources. 


  1. These limits might be revised from time to time, and shall be effective immediately as soon as posted on this website.
  2. These values might be changed temporarily in the event when a server is under attack or due to a sudden server overload.