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More or less both platforms have similar features, however they differ in some key aspects. 

Transactions Fees

Shopify: Shopify charges an additional 2% on every transaction in addition to the Payment Gateway Fees (Usually Razorpay @2% per transaction). In most cases customers end up paying 4% + Taxes per transaction. (~₹4720 / lakh)

Infobahn: InfoBahn does not charge a % of your order. However you pay a flat fee between ₹5-₹15 per order.

Summary: If you get an order of ₹1500 on Shopify basic plan you would pay ₹30 (2%) in transaction fees while on InfoBahn’s basic plan you would pay a flat fee of ₹10

Software Ownership

Shopify: Shopify owns your website you only own the data. Shopify uses a proprietary software, meaning if you ever wanted to leave Shopify you can take your data but not your website. So you will have to re-create your entire website from scratch and re-upload all your products to a new platform. 

InfoBahn: You own your website and its data. InfoBahn uses WooCommerce which an open source software which means you can take control of your data and the entire website and move it to another web host as you see fit.


Both services manage the technical aspects like maintenance, security et cetera for you.

Theme Support

Shopify: Shopify offers 7-9 free themes and about 90 paid themes usually costing you $89 to $200/Year. 

InfoBahn: Since Infobahn uses WordPress you can use any free or paid WordPress theme on your website. Average cost of premium WordPress theme is $59/Year. For most stores the free themes are usually sufficient.

Designing & Customisation

Shopify: Shopify offers a very basic designing interface. Advanced design customisations might require coding knowledge in LIQUID. Shopify is quite customisable with coding knowledge.

InfoBahn: InfoBahn offers a drag and drop page designer called Elementor that does not require any coding skills. Anyone who is familiar with Canva like tools should be able to easily adapt. InfoBah is quite customisable without coding knowledge.


Both platform offer all essential features such as Inventory Management, Staff Accounts, Order Management, et cetera.

Shopify: While more or less the features are the same, you have to  buy additional extensions for COD rules, reports & analytics & returns management.

InfoBahn: COD rules, reports & analytics and product returns management come as core features with all plans. Since InfoBahn uses WooCommerce, WooCommerce has 3 times more extensions than Shopify.

Apps / Extensions

While both Shopify and InfoBahn E-Commerce offer free & paid extensions the pricing could be significantly differ.

Shopify: The cost of Paid Shopify Apps could range between $5 – $99 per month. A lot of widely used extensions fall in the range of $15 – $25 per month. 

InfoBahn: Since InfoBahn uses WooCommerce the cost of WooCommerce extensions could range between $20 – $300 per year. A lot of widely used extension fall in the range of $39 – $99 dollars per year. 


Shopify: The entry level plan on Shopify starts at ~₹1994 per month + ~2% Per Transaction
Sample Case: ~₹1994 + ~₹2000 per 1 Lac rupees + taxes

InfoBahn: The entry level plan on InfoBahn starts at ₹1200 per month + ~₹15 Per Order
Sample Case: ~₹1200 + ~₹1000 per 1 Lac rupees + taxes

In addition to that Shopify extensions are more expensive than InfoBahn (WooCommerce) extensions.


Shopify is a good software but it could be expensive in the long run, in terms of transaction fee, premium themes and Shopify apps.

Last Updated on: 21-March, 2024.

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