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Add like buttons to every product in your WooCommerce store – just like on social networks!

Users can like products from product pages, category pages, and more. They can see previously-liked items while browsing and in their account settings. You can even enable likes for users who aren’t logged in.




We’re all familiar with liking things on social networks. This extension adds liking functionality to WooCommerce products, which is useful for both shoppers and store owners. The liking functionality lets shoppers keep a list of their liked products for future purchase – they can view and purchase their liked products while browsing or in their account settings, increasing sales and return customers.


Your shoppers can:

  • Like any products
  • Unlike any previously liked products
  • See the total number of likes a product has
  • View all previously-liked items via their account

And as the store owner, you can:

  • Decide where and how likes are displayed
  • View/search/sort a likes dashboard
  • Configure various settings including icon type, guest user liking and much more

Also includes various filters to use for custom development.

Likes Dashboard

The likes dashboard can be accessed via Products > Likes and shows a list of your products and their likes total. You can click a like total to see which customers/how many guests liked the product.

It also includes a customer totals section which lists all customers, how many likes they’ve made and you can click the total likes to see which products they liked.

The likes dashboard and be searched/sorted and you can export/print all the data!




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How to add this extension?

Just create a ticket or email us at  support@infobahn.io with the name of the extension you want to install we will install it for you.

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