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Now there’s an easy way for you to sync your warehouse inventory with your online products. Our scanventory inventory management extension allows you to generate product labels through your WooCommerce admin section. For each label, a unique QR code is generated that allows you to scan it with our own app and edit the product directly through your mobile phone or tablet. See why our WooCommerce Inventory Management extension can be the best solution for managing your warehouse inventory and avoid selling products that are not in stock.

Save time and money

Professional warehouse inventory software and scanners can cost thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, you can save time and money by using your own phone or tablet to scan your products, manage available stock, print custom labels, print reports, manage simple and variable products, and much more. Check out our inventory management extension for WooCommerce.



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Just create a ticket or email us at  support@infobahn.io with the name of the extension you want to install we will install it for you.

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