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Scratch Coupon is designed for WooCommerce businesses who are worried about growing cart abandon rate and looking for ways to retain customers on the website. The Scratch Coupon helps companies to convert abandoning visitors into customers by offering a last-minute offer to shop from your store when they intend to leave. WooCommerce Scratch Coupon helps to hold back the visitors who are about to abandon from your site by offering them some last-minute offer in the form of a WooCommerce scratch card.


Features of Scratch Coupon

  1. Mobile responsive
  2. Cross-device compatibility
  3. Popup timing controls (manage when and on which page the popup should appear)
  4. Easy customization options
  5. Configure popup image and text color

How to Customize the Scratch Coupon?

Customizing the Scratch Coupon is very easy. You simply need to go to the admin dashboard, and from there, you can make changes into text color, background color, visibility, etc.



How does Scratch Coupon work?

This is nothing but a Scratch card, which needs to be scratched by users before activating/revealing the offers. Shoppers can drag their mouse or finger across the screen and instantly see if there are any coupons or promo codes available.




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30 Days

How to add this extension?

Just create a ticket or email us at  support@infobahn.io with the name of the extension you want to install we will install it for you.

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