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Relocate Your Store to InfoBahn WooCommerce With An All-in-one Solution

Migrate your Shopify store to InfoBahn WooCommerce with just a few clicks. The Migrate & Import Shopify to InfoBahn WooCommerce extension directly imports products, orders, coupons, blogs, and pages from Shopify to InfoBahn WooCommerce.

This extension eliminates the stress of migrating data in various batches. You won’t need to worry about losing data during the migration process or hiring a costly migration service to manage it.

Migrate & Import Shopify moves all of a Shopify store’s data to InfoBahn WooCommerce in just one step.



  • Directly import 6 types of data from Shopify to InfoBahn WooCommerce
  • Import all products from Shopify to InfoBahn WooCommerce
  • Import specific products using various filters such as title, type, vendor, specific ID, or publishing date.
  • Import products as active, achieved, and draft
  • Import all or specific orders using filters
  • Import all or specific coupons using various filters
  • Option to import pages, blog posts, and customer lists
  • Track import with a progress bar




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30 Days

How to add this extension?

Just create a ticket or email us at  support@infobahn.io with the name of the extension you want to install we will install it for you.

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