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With MultilingualPress, you can translate your WooCommerce shop into different languages. This Plugin provides you with many useful features for a professional multilingual online shop or website. Start today and ensure your customers a user-friendly experience ‒ without language barriers and without any performance loss!



What You Can Do with MultilingualPress 

MultilingualPress enables you to create an unlimited Multisite network of connected shops to serve multiple languages. In this way, you can manage different translations of your content easily in one single WordPress installation.

Manage & Synchronize Your Content 

MultilingualPress enables you to manage any WordPress and WooCommerce content like pages, posts, products, categories and attributes, as well as custom post types and fields. Create your content and translate it through a lightweight user interface to any language in your network.

Create a Smart User Experience 

Overcome language barriers and create a highly efficient user experience with useful features like the language switcher in the navigation menu, automatic language redirection and language-specific top-level domains.

Optimize Your SEO

Google and other search engines care about website performance. That’s why shops using MultilingualPress rank higher due to its good performance in contrast to other solutions. Furthermore, MultilingualPress lets you keep full control of your wisely chosen URLs and permalinks and also is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO Plugin.

Faster Time-to-Market

MultilingualPress can do even more: If you have to address multiple languages or target groups, you can use MultilingualPress to duplicate your shops with just one click. After duplication, just adapt your content to your needs. In this way, you can create target-specific versions of your shops in no time!

Click here for a full list of MultilingualPress features.




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