Included in the cost

Maintenance cost is included with all plans. Just like a car and it’s parts your site software also needs regular maintenance. Maintenance, updates, security, hosting all managed by us, sit back and relax.


This is the most crucial part. However we will manage that for you.

Site Software Updates

Just like your iOS or Android OS updates from time to time your site software needs to be updated too, including extensions and themes. But don’t worry, that’s our headache.


While your hosting cost is already included, any issues happening on the hosting end will be handled by us.

Extensions & Theme Installation

Free or premium, all extension and theme installations will be handled by our team.

What is not included?

While we take care of the technical aspects of your store, we don’t manage your store operations such as adding content to your website, product uploading, order management, et cetera. However you can hire an Infobahn Expert to manage these things for you.