A complete blogging platform; it allows you to publish articles, create lookbooks, encourage engagement, and moderate comments on your blog.

Automated XML Sitemap

Your website automatically generates XML sitemaps and regularly sends it to search engines for higher traction to the right pages.

Automatic Google Product Feed

Your products are automatically sent to Google Product Feed, provided you have a Google Merchant Account.

Automated Google Ads

Have your Google Ads operate without regular manual interference. Just add funds to your Google Ad Account and let the system take care of the rest.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Boost traction and campaign performance by tracking and retargeting your customers on Facebook & Instagram using Facebook Pixel.

Set Products On Sale

Set each product on sale with ease and convenience by pre-setting start and end dates for sales.

Coupons Management

Create & manage coupons by setting up your rules and usage limits per coupon; Offer % discounts or flat cart discounts as you prefer.

Product Wise SEO

Boost the visibility of each of your displayed products using product-specific SEO attention. Optimise your listing pages for search engines with strategically written SEO title, meta description & focus search phrase.