Product Store Management
Mobile App (Store Owner)

Manage your store on the go! You can manage your stock, change order status see sales reports, all this right on your mobile device. Only for (iOS & Android)

Product Management

A complete product management suite built right in your dashboard. (Available on Mobile App)

Order Management

Manage orders, change order status, fulfil your orders and more (Available on Mobile App)

Inventory Management

A complete inbuilt inventory management solution. Add products, get low stock notifications, and more

Coupon Management

Run your own marketing campaigns, create coupons with all the rules you want

Reports & Analytics

Track Sales, Monitor your traffic

Shipping Management

With over 20 options ship with a partner that suits you the best

Wishlist Management

Let customers create and share wishlists. You can also see their wishlist know what is stopping your customers from making their purchase beforehand.

Staff Management

With a Multi Level staff management system, give your staff members only the amount of access they need

Email Notifications

You and your customers are notified automatically when a new order is placed or the status of an order changes

SMS Notifications*

Notify your customers automatically via SMS when they place an order or when the status of an order changes. (Requires purchase of an SMS Pack)