Traffic Reports

Track visitors, understand what time of the day or week your site is the busiest, and analyse traffic from all locations and sources.

Sales reports

Access a full-fledged sales report that leads your understanding of how well the website is working. By analysing the report, you can track your sales and also filter them by day, week or year.

Product Wise Reports

Find out which of your products are gaining more popularity and performing better than the rest. By tracking your best-performing products, you can modify your inventory and other business components to bring better profit.

Google Traffic Analysis

Understand consumer behaviour by tracking and analysing organic traffic coming to your website via google Google. Know what your customers are searching for and when do their Google search results show your website.

Google Analytics Integration

Using this feature, you can not only monitor Google ads but also track and understand user activity, number of conversions and more. Find out what is working for your business and what’s not.

Download Reports

Aid in-depth and further analysis of your reports on website and consumer behaviour with this feature. Download any reports easily in excel or google sheets for better insight.